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Valley Air Conditioning & Repair has been been at the forefront of Distributed Generation Development in California since 1984. With over eighty turnkey clean air cogeneration projects completed, we are the leader in the industry and have developed solutions through our real world experience and expertise. With customers in varied industrial, commercial, and government markets, VAR serves a growing list of energy and environmentally conscious customers.

Our management team members are some of the most experienced in the business with strong ties to important regulatory and energy utility organizations that consistently prove to be the difference for our customers. With over 30 years of experience in cogeneration development and engineering experience, we were responsible for the development of one of the first cogeneration projects in California and the first cogeneration project in the San Joaquin Valley. VAR’s construction and service team is committed to a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

Valley Air Conditioning is a leading developer of turnkey energy conservation systems. This includes: qualified design, installation, service, maintenance and repair of controls systems, cogeneration systems, engine powered chillers, electric compression chillers, and heat-powered absorption chillers. Our efforts, along with other industry stakeholders, have paved the way for continued growth and development of distributed generation in most California markets and Self-Generation Incentive Programs (SGIP) continue to be extended. Also, natural gas tariffs which have been renewed by operating utilities, along with rising energy costs ensure many years of growth opportunity for the development of clean-air cogeneration in California.

As energy costs continue to rise and demand outpaces transmission capacity, on -site generation and combined heat and power systems continue to expand on their now relatively small share of the power generation market. Small systems that are below 1 mW are excellent financial investments often returning more than 30% of the total system costs making them attractive investment models for many third-party investors. While even small on-site generation projects are very heavily regulated, VAR has seen steady and significant growth, and projects a more pronounced growth curve in the future as cogenertion continues to gain market acceptance.

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