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Top-Quality Ag-Mechanical Services

As a company, Valley Air Conditioning and Repair has a more than 40-year track record and tens of thousands of satisfied customers serving the residential and commercial communities of the Fresno area. Going back as far as 1983, we also went beyond traditional HVAC into mechanical services and cutting-edge power supply, chilling, agricultural engine pumps and other specialty applications. The team that took on these jobs, with more than sixty years of combined experience between them, became the special division of VAR known as Valley Air Mechanical.

Valley Air Mechanical is known for high-quality workmanship and deep expertise, maintaining the highest standards of quality, service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to find out how you can put our skills and dedication to work for you.

Comprehensive HVAC and Mechanical Solutions

For a full spectrum of HVAC and mechanical commercial services, Valley Air Mechanical has you covered. You can rely on prompt and reliable support for:
  • Cutting-edge HVAC products
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Design and build of custom solutions
  • Installation, service and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance plans
  • Smart building automation services
  • Maintenance of pumps, cooling towers and heat exchangers
The friendly and expert technicians of Valley Air Mechanical have the know-how you need to get your systems up and running and keep them operating with an absolute minimum of downtime. Get in touch today and discover the very best mechanical services in the Fresno area.

Emissions Testing, Air Quality Management and Unconventional HVAC

In California, it’s essential for contractors to be able to carry out emissions testing and manage air quality according to Rule 21 and GEG requirements. As a specialized division of Valley Air Conditioning, Valley Air Mechanical has knowledge and experience you can depend on to get these important tasks right the first time and every time.

We’re also one of the leading contractors in the field of unconventional HVAC, supporting cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems, thermal energy storage, chillers — whether absorption or gas-driven — boilers, agricultural pump engines and more. We can even install and manage comprehensive hydronic distribution distribution systems that can heat and cool large school, office or hospital complexes. Whatever your needs, all you need to do is contact us to set up a free consultation.

Get in Touch For Mechanical Services in Fresno, CA

Valley Air Conditioning and Repair’s staff are certified and award-winning technicians who have led the way in HVAC services across the Fresno area for years. The Valley Air Mechanical division share this sterling reputation and a commitment to excellence in quality and customer care. Get in touch today and discover the diverse range of technical service and support we can provide for any home or business.


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