Industrial and Commercial HVAC Services

There are few things more essential to the smooth running of a business than having up-to-date, smooth-running heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems. A comfortable and healthy environment is the key to employee productivity and the cornerstone of presenting a welcoming face to potential customers. Having those systems well maintained, and any problems promptly corrected by expert contractors, is crucial to avoiding costly downtime and high energy bills.

Valley Air Conditioning and Repair has been a reliable partner of the commercial community in Fresno for over forty years. We understand how important it is to your business to be able to depend on your systems and those supporting them, and tens of thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our dedication to high standards of excellence in products, service and customer care. That’s why we’re a leading provider for quality industrial and commercial HVAC across the Fresno area. Contact us today to get our certified and award-winning technicians working for you.

The One-Stop Shop For All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

We believe the best quality in HVAC services means providing our clients with installation and design, service and repair on the widest possible variety of products and systems. With our know-how and decades of experience at your disposal, you can count on timely service that places a priority on fulfilling requests as quickly and efficiently as possible for everything from consultation and pricing to preventative maintenance and upkeep, installation and the repair or replacement of your equipment.

We work with only to the top brand names on the market, and we do everything we can to extend the lifespans of your products and provide astute guidance on the solutions best suited to your workplace. Among the types of systems that Valley Air Conditioning supports, you’ll find:

  • Smart building control systems
  • Rooftop HVAC units
  • Exhaust fans
  • Variable Air Volume units
  • VRV/VRF Systems

We have your ongoing commercial HVAC needs covered anywhere in the Fresno area, and we’re always happy to talk and customize the design, installation and maintenance schedules of your products to ensure that all the necessary upkeep happens with minimal distraction and hassle. Get in touch and discover the Valley Air Conditioning difference.

Enjoy Better Service That Saves You Money in Fresno, CA

Our proactive approach to the maintenance and inspection of commercial systems is designed to ensure that you don’t lose money because of inefficient or malfunctioning technology. Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, we tailor our solutions to your specific needs and we’re committed to finding exactly the right solutions for Fresno as a whole and your commercial space in particular. It all comes at an extremely reasonable price, serviced by some of the most talented professionals in the HVAC industry.

In the long run, the kinds of dividends our approach provides will effectively mean that hiring professional contractors, for most commercial customers, is a move that pays for itself. Contact Valley Air Conditioning and Repair today for a free consultation.


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