Maintenance & Repair

Residential HVAC Maintenance and Repair

When you live in a place like Fresno and the Central Valley that’s hot and dry for so many months during the year, having a working air conditioner is essential to combat the extreme temperatures. Most people don’t think about their ACs failing, but when they do, you’ll need a trusted repair technician who can take care of the problem in a timely manner.

At Valley Air Conditioning & Repair in Fresno, CA, our technicians are experts at delivering residential HVAC maintenance and repair services to residents in Fresno and the Central Valley.

While many other businesses have to subcontract their services, at VAR, we have a growing team of service technicians who are experts in their field. All of the residential HVAC maintenance and repair work we do is performed by our field technicians.

Family-Owned HVAC Business

At Valley Air Conditioning & Repair, we’ve been a family-owned business since 1970. Everyone at VAR works together in solidarity towards the same common goal: keeping our customers happy. We understand how important it is for your residential HVAC system to operate correctly to keep you comfortable.

Give us a call today to schedule HVAC maintenance service in Fresno, CA, and the Central Valley areas to make sure your residential air conditioning and heating systems are in great shape.

HVAC Maintenance Schedule

Valley Air Conditioning will work with you directly to devise a maintenance schedule that makes sense for your budget and ongoing needs. Preventive maintenance can prevent mishaps and problems down the road. What you do today for your air conditioning system can help stop it from breaking down when the area’s facing extreme temperatures and heat.

Maintenance Schedule Checklist

At Valley Air Conditioning & Repair, we use an HVAC maintenance checklist to ensure your AC or heating system is at peak performance.
  • Replace filters on cooling equipment
  • Check condition of belts and pulleys and replace as needed
  • Clean condenser
  • Check refrigerant charge and inspect for leaks
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check drain lines and pans
  • Test operation of fan and blower motor
  • Lubricate motors, bearings, and other moving parts
  • Inspect operation of thermostat
  • Check for adequate airflow from vents

Residential HVAC Maintenance

When you schedule a residential HVAC maintenance check, a VAR technician will inspect and test all parts of your air conditioning or heating system to make sure it’s operating as it should. These tests check for efficiency in operation as it relates to the motors and amps and indicate the presence of leaks. A simple visual inspection will also be completed to check the condition of the filters.

Ongoing maintenance is critical to the proper operation of HVAC systems, and it can prevent them from failing completely. Day-to-day operation of your AC or heat shouldn’t be something you have to think about, and that’s where the experts at Valley Air Conditioning & Repair can help.

Residential HVAC Repair

If a unit does end up failing or needs a replacement part, our technicians will make sure to complete the repair in a timely manner, so that you and your family can go back to feeling comfortable in your own home. We’ll work with you to come up with a cost plan that makes sense for your budget and overall HVAC repair needs.


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