Pre-Season Preparation

HVAC Pre-Season Preparation

Preparation is the key to success in pretty much every area of life. An Olympic sprinter spends a lifetime training for ten seconds of glory, a great speech has been rehearsed a thousand times before an audience hears it… and a great HVAC services company makes sure your equipment is ready long before you need to put it into round-the-clock use. To get the most out of your heating or cooling systems in Fresno, CA, investing in pre-season preparation is essential.

The qualified professionals of Valley Air Conditioning & Repair are available to provide the pre-session maintenance check-ups and the work your residential and commercial systems need before crunch time. Contact us to schedule your pre-season service anywhere in the Fresno area and make our more than four decades of successful experience work for you.

What's Involved in Spring Pre-Season Preparation

Spring and fall season preparation involve different kinds of equipment, and each time of year has its own requirements. The spring is especially important for a climate like Fresno’s, where the heat can regularly hit over 100 degrees in the summer months.

If you’re using a traditional air-conditioning system, getting prepped for the summer will require friendly, knowledgeable technicians who can clean your unit and change its filters, check hoses to make sure that condensate from the system is draining safely, clean your vents and grills, and calibrate your system’s thermostat to ensure that it’s responsive when you need it most. If you’re using an evaporative or “swamp” cooler, it will need cleaning, replacement of the cooling pads, and testing.

For these and other air conditioning services, Valley Air Conditioning has you covered. A family-owned business since 1970, we have a track record of dedicated service to the families and businesses of Fresno that’s won us over 100,000 satisfied customers. Calling us in to prepare your cooling unit for summer is a sure bet.

Don't Skimp on Fall Preparation in Fresno

Though keeping cool in the summer is top-of-mind for many residents in Fresno, it shouldn’t be overlooked that keeping home and office spaces warm and comfortable in winter months is just as important. Technicians put your summer cooling systems to bed and ensure their components are ready for a rest, and then check filters and furnace vents and give your winter heating system a complete tune-up.

Whether you’re preparing your equipment for the summer or the winter, you can rely on the award-winning pros at Valley Air Conditioning for a full spectrum of knowledgeable and friendly service.

Contact Us For Pre-Season Preparation Services in Fresno, CA

Getting any heating, cooling or air quality system off to the right start for the season when it’s needed the most is a great way to ensure that your systems have longer lives, perform more efficiently — which saves you money on energy bills — and deliver the results you and your family need. Contact us today and let Valley Air Conditioning & Repair help you prepare.


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